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The cyber threat is being called one of the greatest risks to our security, financial stability, and privacy in the last 30 years. New, daily threats are emerging that organizations need to neutralize to avoid catastrophic events. Protecting and securing digital systems and locking down data assets is a growing concern. CSDefend Cybersecurity addresses these challenges and protects IT infrastructures including networks, servers, email, applications, and systems. Many small to mid-sized businesses are realizing they don’t have the resources or the internal IT team to effectively protect themselves from critical security threats and attacks.

  • State of the art cybersecurity remote monitoring, response, and remediation of IT infrastructure from fully certified cybersecurity experts
  • Focus on your core business and leave your cyber operations to dedicated experts
  • Real-time visibility into your IT infrastructure, identifying and responding to security deficiencies and cyber threats


SOC team will monitor and notify critical threats on all your on-premises and cloud resources

Network Monitoring

Continuous network monitoring that detects potential threats to the security and performance of your network

Log Analysis

Distributed real-time event correlation of log data, complex event patterns can be detected in real time.

Threat Management

Reports on identified cyber threats and the related associated actions on a regular basis

Incident Response

Identifies, logs, categorizes, prioritizes, diagnoses, contains security incidents, and proposes remediation action using AI or SOC resources


Fixes identified issues at a tier 1, 2, and 3 level

Security Risk Assessments

Identifies deficiencies in security controls and provides recommendations

Compliance Reports

Continually evaluates adherence to standards including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, NERC, FISMA, ISO, GLBA, GPG13, SANS Critical Controls

Vulnerability Management

Identifies, classifies, prioritizes, remediates, and mitigates security vulnerabilities and reports on findings

Security Awareness Training

On-site, off-site, or virtual learning to educate staff on security

Availability Monitoring

Monitors system availability, service availability, and SLA calculation

Dynamic User Identity Mapping

Connects network identity (IP address, MAC Address) to user identity (log name, full name, organization role).

What's at Risk?

What's at Risk?

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