Case Study: Secure Managed Hosting Services

Case Study: Secure Managed Hosting Services

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Critical data requirement challenges: solved

The client was processing terabytes of critical data on a daily basis and faced escalating costs, uncontrolled and inconsistent performance, system outages, and deficient security.

CSDefend engineered and deployed a customized cloud platform which enabled the client to outsource their IT into CSDefend’s managed services environment.

Client Industry:


The Problem:

The intense demands of critical data processing were causing costs to spiral for our legal client.

These issues were destroying business performance and increasing operational risk. Internal resources for technology operations were inefficient and unable to deliver necessary quality for core business functions and additional IT investments were not providing improvement.

The Solution:

CSDefend customized and implemented an expert-engineered cloud platform, allowing the client to run key IT operations in a secure managed services environment.

This ensured system operations were mature and stabilized to meet or exceed formalized requirements for performance and security.

Client Benefits:

>> Cost reduction of 64 percent

>> Improved security (based on ISO 27001 certified operations)

>> Increased system performance (guaranteed and measured through SLA metrics)

>> Decreased unplanned outages (a 98 percent improvement)

>> Flexibility and speed of deployment (from weeks to hours and minutes)

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CSDefend Never Leaves Security as an Afterthought

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CSDefend’s successful assessment and implementation

Systematic Assessment:

CSDefend’s team applied a rigorous systems engineering approach to evaluate performance requirements to meet business needs in each of the following broad areas:

» Capacity planning and sparing strategy

» Scalability and performance engineering

» Security and cyber defense requirements

» Backup and recovery expectations

» Operational performance (uptime) and SLA definition

Implementation and Deployment

System components were identified and deployed in a properly configured cloud infrastructure integrating all functional and non-functional requirements.


» Software patching strategy including evaluation and prioritization of system and application weaknesses

» Security assessment and regular vulnerability and penetration testing

» Monitoring and alerting for error and security events

» Triage and remediation for security and application performance

» Backup and restoring systems and applications

» Data management policies on access controls and data lifecycle management

» Professional staff to address systems operations without undue exposure to business or client confidential information

» SLA based reporting and accountability for system operation and application availability

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